About The Writers Bureau

providing lifelong support and development for writers

Since January 1989 we have been helping  writers to develop their craft and learn how to navigate the complexities of the publishing world. We have created a suite of courses that anyone – regardless of age or educational background – can use to guide them through their writing apprenticeship.

All our tutors are professional writers, experienced at giving expert advice and feedback through the assignments you will complete with your course.

Everyone at WB, from the tutors, student advisors and administration team aim to establish a warm and friendly relationship with each and every student. This helps to make the WB community a welcoming and safe place to develop your writing skills.

Principal Susie Busby

I've been involved with The Writers Bureau from the start, giving me many years of experience of supporting writers and providing training to those studying on their own at home.

I live in the foothills of the Pennines with my writer/musician husband, two cats and child no. 2. Child no.1 is now enjoying life at University.

Interests beyond helping writers to be the best writers they can be include: painting, reading, T'ai Chi and astronomy.

Head of Student Services Megan Foreman

At the age of 21, I started as a Student Advisor with The Writers Bureau and have been Head of Student Services since January 2022. I have never known a more family-oriented organisation and feel lucky to work with the people that I do.

I have grown up here; I got married and started a family and now spend most of my spare time running around after a hyperactive toddler. When I’m not entertaining my daughter, I enjoy reading and cooking for my family.

The Writers Bureau is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE).

NAWE's mission is to further knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of Creative Writing and to support good practice in its teaching and learning at all levels.

For more information about NAWE visit: www.nawe.co.uk

Susie Busby, Principal of The Writers Bureau, is a member of the Institute of Training and Institutional Learning (ITOL).

Members of ITOL sign up to a code of conduct, which indicates the standards expected of them.  The adoption of this code is an integral part of membership and provides the basis through which the Association promotes its members' commitment to quality and good practice.

ITOL seeks to impart advice on best practice, techniques and technologies in learning and the use of quality models for continuous improvement amongst its members.

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The Writers Bureau is on the UK Register of Learning Providers Registration Number 10007651.

The UK Register of Learning Providers is a 'one-stop' portal to be used by government departments, agencies, learners, and employers to share key information about learning providers. The UKRLP allows providers to update their information in one place and share this across agencies such as the Skills Funding Agency, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and UCAS.

Since provider registration opened on 1st August 2005, the UKRLP has grown to over 30,000 providers. Each of these has been verified against a recognised external source and has been allocated a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN). This is the unique identifier used to share information with the UKRLP partner agencies.