Zoom Writing Workshops

Be Inspired with a Zoom Writing Workshop

Join us in our Zoom classroom for a writing workshop from professional writers. You will be guided through a variety of techniques that will help you to develop your writing skills.

This is a great opportunity to improve your writing and make friends with others on the same journey as you. The sessions are exciting, stretching, lots of fun, and give you the confidence to take your writing forward.

The workshops are suitable for beginners and the more experienced writer.

For more details, and to sign-up, click on workshop title.

Times shown are British Summer Time up to the end of October. 

November onwards, the times are Greenwich Mean Time

Starting August 2022

Rediscover Your Writing Mojo with Esther Chilton - If you’ve fallen out of love with your writing then Esther will show you how to love it again and then how to keep writing when your enthusiasm starts to wane.

Two sessions - starting Tuesday 30th August 2022 (7.00pm) - £49.99

Starting September 2022

The Hero's Journey with Phil Busby - explore this ancient structure of narrative that generally results in ‘feel-good’ stories of healing and renewal. It’s a great plotting device to help you plan your stories which can then be written in the format of your choosing – novel, play, film or TV script.

Six sessions with feedback on your story plan at the end - starting Wednesday7th September (7.00pm) - £174.99

Writing Humour both non-fiction and fiction with Tony Kirwood - learn how to make your writing funny.

Four sessions - starting Wednesday 7th September (7.15pm) - £99.99

An Introduction to Writing Poetry with Alison Chisholm - try out a variety of poetry techniques in a safe and trusting environment. 

Six sessions - starting Monday 12th September 2022 - (7.00pm) - £149.99

Make Money From Non-Fiction Writing with Esther Chilton - a step-by-step guide on breaking in to the non-fiction market.

Two sessions - starting Tuesday 20th September 2022 (7.00pm) - £49.99

Starting October 2022

A Sense of Place with Esther Chilton - learn how to draw your readers right into the scene you’re setting by using the senses effectively. 

Two sessions - starting Tuesday 4th October 2022 (7.00pm) - £49.99

Feature Writing with Diane Paul - this is an ideal follow-on to Esther's Make Money from Non-Fiction Writing workshop.

Two sessions with feedback on a feature at the end - starting Tuesday 4th October 2022 (7.15pm) - £69.99.

New: From First Draft to Sellable Story with Tony Kirwood - discover how to shape your work in stages, from concept and structure to language and punctuation.

Two sessions - starting Wednesday 5th October 2022 (7.15pm) - £49.99

Starting November 2022

Short Story Focus with Esther Chilton - Developed confidence in your story ideas and gain the skills you need to make them a cracking read. 

Eight sessions with feedback on a story up to 2000 words - starting Tuesday 1st November 2022 (7.00pm) - £199.99

Poetry - The Next Steps with Mandy Pannett - Explore a variety of poetic techniques that will make writing poems a richer experience for you, and in turn, make your poems  more rewarding for your reader.

Six sessions with feedback on 60 lines of poetry - starting Tuesday 1st November 2022 (7.15pm) - £159.99

Places, People and the 3-Act Plot with Phil Busby - Learn the fundamental building blocks of story telling which you can use time and time again to write short stories, novels, plays, TV and film scripts.

Six sessions - starting Wednesday 2nd November 2022 (7.00pm) - £149.99

New: The Importance of Viewpoint with Tony Kirwood - explore how the viewpoint impacts not only on the tone and feel of your writing, but also on its plot.

Two sessions - starting Wednesday 2nd November 2022 (7.15pm) - £49.99

New: Setting As Another Character with Tony Kirwood - how a dynamic use of setting can move your story forward as much as your characters do.

Two sessions - starting Wednesday 16th November 2022 (7.15pm) - £49.99

Workshop Leaders

Esther Chilton

Esther has a social science degree specialising in psychology and sociology. Writing was always a passion and since joining The Writers Bureau as a student many years ago, Esther hasn’t looked back. She now writes and tutors full-time. Esther has written for numerous writing magazines and had articles published in a broad range of publications including Prima, Your Cat, Lifeinfo and Collect It! to name a few. She has many short story competition wins to her credit and has also enjoyed judging competitions including Writer’s Forum’s monthly competition. Her fiction stories have appeared in The People’s Friend, My Weekly, Your Cat and Independent Newspapers, as well as teenage and children’s publications

Phil Busby

A playwright, singer-songwriter and author, Phil works in course development for The Writers Bureau, Manchester. Originally a psychiatric nurse, he studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts before working across Europe for ten years as a performer, writer and workshop leader. Phil is a co-founder of Budding Writers.

Alison Chisholm

Alison Chisholm was born in Liverpool and has lived in Southport most of her life, with a brief foray in the North East to collect a career, a husband and the first of her two daughters. She has three grandchildren, a marmalade cat and a mildly dysfunctional tortoise. She has written twelve collections of poetry and various textbooks on the craft of writing, and co-written books on public speaking, competitions and autobiography. She wrote the poetry distance learning course for The Writers Bureau, and is a columnist on Writing Magazine. She gives talks, readings, workshops and courses, and adjudicates competitions.

Tony Kirwood

Tony writes fiction, articles and comedy sketches. Much of his work is humorous although sometimes it's scary. Sometimes it's both. His non-scary book How To Write Comedy was cited by the Stage Newspaper as the best training book of the year. He’s had stories in the fantasy genre published and read out. His column The Blog of Samuel Pepys appeared regularly in The Greenwich Visitor paper.

Tony teaches creative writing, comedy writing, comedy appreciation and drama in colleges and venues across the country. He tutors regular classes at Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College in South London. He has also led workshops at literary festivals and similar events.

Diane Paul

Diane is a former Writers Bureau tutor. She has worked in TV journalism, had by-lined columns in local newspapers and features in national newspapers and magazines. She has written four non-fiction books, two of which won awards and has a Master’s Degree in TV & Radio Scriptwriting. Diane, who runs Keyword Editorial Services, has taught creative writing for the Open College of the Arts and Writers’ News and run workshops in secondary schools.